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    Managing Reservations

    Reservations can be managed by Reservation Manager, Reservations List, and Reservations Details.

    1. Reservation Manager

    You can view, create, modify or cancel reservations on a date grid at the Reservation Manager. The numbers shown on the date grid indicate the number of rooms available for a perticular room type.

    1.1 How to view reservations on a date?

    Click on a date on the grid, the following reservations will be listed on the right side of the grid:

    • Reservations checking-in on selected date
    • Reservations checking-out on selected date
    • Reservations staying over on selected date

    1.2 How to view reservations on a date on a particular product (room type)?

    Click on a parcular block on the grid, the reservations that are made on the corresponding product (room type) on that day will be listed on the right side of the grid

    1.3 How to manage the reservations listed on the right side of the screen?

    Sorting - click on the column head to sort the reservation list by the selected column.

    Filtering - click on the Filter icon to expand the Filtering sections, where you can enter certain Reservation ID, Guest Name, or select a particular product to filter the reservation list by ID, guest name, or product (room type).

    Tasks - click on the icon to display options for various tasks for each of the reservation.

    Viewing Details - click on the button with Reservation ID to open the Reservation Details window More details with Reservation Details can be found in the section below.

    1.4 How to create a new reservation?

    Two ways to create a new reservation:

    1. Click on the New Booking button to open the Reservation Details window for creating a new reservation
    2. Click on (or Drag & Select) a date (or date range) on the date grid on a product (room type), and select the New Booking button on the pop-up widget to open the Reservation Details window which has the desired date(s) and selected product (room type) populated in the form.

    1.5 How to modify a reservation?

    Two ways to modify a reservation:

    1. If you just want to modify the reservation dates or room type, you can drag the Reservation ID button, e.g. 800001 and drop it into the date grid where the desired start date and room type is.
    2. You can also click on the Reservation ID button, e.g. 800001 to open the Reservation Details window to change any details of the reservation.

    1.6 What else can you do on a date grid?

    You can perform other operations for a certain date (or date range) by clicking on various buttons on the pop-up widget, e.g. Set Inventory button to set the inventory for the selected date(s), and Set Rates button to set the Rates for the selected date(s).

    2. Reservations List

    Clist on the "Reservations" tab on the left navigation menu to open the Reservation List page, which allows you to view and search any future or past reservation(s)

    2.1 How to view / find reservations in the list?

    By default, the list is populated with the reservations booked during the past 30 days.

    You can change the Date Range and the Date Range For dropdown list to populate the list at your prefrence.

    Or use the Quick Access buttons to show reservations for Today, Tomorrow, or any Month. Note this list is still controled by "Date Range For" dropdown, which would show the different lists depending on your choice. For example, if you choose Tomorrow at the Quick Access, and Date Range For is set to "Check-out Date", then the list would show all reservations checking-out tomorrow.

    Sorting - click on the column head to sort the reservation list by the selected column.

    Searching - you can enter certain Reservation ID, Guest Name, or select a particular product to find the reservation by ID, guest name, or product (room type).

    Viewing Details - click on the Reservation ID in the list to open the Reservation Details window. More details with Reservation Details can be found in the section below.

    Exporting - click the Export button to download the reservation list showing on the current screen in a CSV format file.

    3. Reservation Details

    You can create new reservations, view or modify existing reservation on the Reservaion Details window

    3.1 What are the tabs on the Reservation Details for?

    Guest Info - Guest contact information. You can look up an existing guest info by entering the email and click on the icon. The guest information will be populated into the fields below if it is in the record. You can also click on "View history" to view the guest booking history.

    Guest History - shows a list of reservations booked by the guest, and his or her current Reward Points and Status (if it is recorded in the Contact Manager).

    Room Assignment - allows user to assign rooms to each guest

    Reservation Info - Miscelleneous reservation related information. E.g. Check-in/out status, Room Clean status, etc.

    OTA/GDS Info - OTA (Booking.com / Expedia) or GDS related information, e.g. their confirmation number. Not applicable to reservations directly booked through OnRes.

    Notes - allow user to enter any reservation related notes.

    Add-ons - allow user to view, add, or delete add-on items.

    Availability - allow user to run availability search for the dates entered in this window during the process of making a reservation. When the search results are ready, click on the Select button to populate the room type and rate group to the respective fields in the Details window.

    Activity Log - shows a history of changes made to this reservation.

    Emails - allow user to send various type of guest emails, e.g. Confirmation, Check-in Reminder, or Custom Emails, etc.

    3.2 How to view daily rate break down for a multi-day reservation?

    Sometimes user would like to know the what is the rate for the each day of the reservation. You can click on the (details) link next to the Amount box in the Summary section to show the break down of the daily rate.

    3.3 How to view the credit card number?

    OnRes is a PCI compliance company that takes every step necessary to ensure the customer's credit card information is stored securely and intact. By default, the credit card number is hidden. Click on the icon and go through the reCAPTCHA validation process powered by Google to view the card number. Note the card data will be deleted 5 days after the reservation check out date.

    3.4 What is Auto Re-pricing and How to Disable it?

    Auto Re-pricing is a feature that automatically calculate the cost when you make any changes in the Reservation Details window, e.g. changing dates, number of rooms, product, rate group, etc. It is an efficient tool that allows you to instantly see the price change when you make these changes without any extra clicks.

    However sometimes you may also want to lock the price while you make these changes. For example, when you want to make a free upgrade for your VIP guest to another room type and keep the price the same, then you can use this Price Lock to disable the Auto Re-pricing feature temporarily.

    First, before you make any changes, click on the green lock to lock the price. Then you can make the changes, which won't trigger any price re-calculation.

    Remember to save your changes before you unlock it. Reload the reservation page will unlock it automatically.

    You can have this feature always disabled by default: Go to Settings >> Web Booking Setup, toggle on the option "Enable Default Price Lock" under the Miscellaneous tab.

    3.5 How to split a multi-room reservation?

    When you booked a reservation that contains multiple rooms (with the same room type), sometimes you may want to split them into multiple single-room reservations. For example, when a guest booked 2 King Rooms under his or her name, one for him/her self, and the other one for a friend. Then the guest wants to split the bill so he/she and the friend can pay for their own room separately.

    Then you can split the reservation into 2 single-room reservation for the guest, by clicking on the Split Multi-Room button at the bottom to do that. The system will produce a number of new reservations, each with single-room occupancy, and split the room costs evenly.

    Note 1: The system will split the number of guests evenly, but sometimes the number of guests may not be accurate after the split. E.g. if the original reservation has 2 rooms for total 5 guests. After split the number of guests will be 2 on each room. So please double check the number of guests in each reservation and make necessary corrections if needed.

    Note 2: If there is Add-on items in the original reservation, the system will keep the add-on items in the original reservation. Please examine the add-on costs and make necessary adjustment.