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    Payment Gateway

    OnRes offers several Payment Gateways.

    The one with the most features, is the easiest to setup is Authorize.net.

    A Payment Gateway with Authorize.net will likely connect with your Merchant Account (your current credit card processor).

    You will need to have a Merchant Account.

    If you do not, Authorize.net offers a Merchant Account in addition to their Payment Gateway. To get started, click the following badge: Authorize.Net Preferred Reseller

    For additional Payment Gateway options: Click Here.

    1. Setup Payment Gateway

    1.1 How to setup a Payment Gateway?

    First, you will need to sign up for a Payment Gateway assuming you already have a merchant account with Authorize.Net.

    Here is a link to get going with Authorize.Net

    Once you have this all setup, we will need two pieces of information to place into your OnRes account – API Login ID and Transaction Key

    As shown in the following screenshot, enter the gateway Login ID and Transaction Key information at Interfaces >> Payment Gateway section.

    You can also choose your Payment Type as needed. Note that Payment Type is set to control how guest credit cards are charged at the time of booking. For charging the cards manually at the 2.0 system, this setting is not needed, as you can charge any amount from the card as needed.

    2. Charge / Refund Credit Card

    2.1 How to charge credit card?

    Open the Reservation Details window, and click on the Charge Guest Credit Card button. Make sure you have the guest credit card information and total amount saved in the reservation record before doing this.

    Then on the popup, you can choose a different amount to charge (e.g. a 50% deposit), then click Pay button to proceed

    The system will then connect to the Payment Gateway interface and respond with a success or fail message after the transaction.

    2.2 How to refund to a credit card?

    Click on the Payment History link to open up the Payment Record popup.

    Click on the Request Refund link, then enter the amount that you would like to refund, then click on Confirm Refund button to proceed. After the transaction, a new record showing that the refund success (or failure) will show up in the Payment Record table.

    Note that you can only refund the transactions that you made through the OnRes/Gateway interface, E.g. those transactions that have a recod showing in the Payment Record section with a "Request Refund" button.

    Usually transactions can't be refunded until the payment was settled. Depending on the policies set by the Payment Gateway, it could be from a few hours to a day or even longer.