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    Promotions and Discount Codes

    1. Promotions

    Promotions are special rates applied to certain products (room types) with specific restrictions. Currently it can be done through creating a Rate Group with the rate and build applicable restrictions. In the upcoming release, we will provide a dedicated Promotion module to help streamlining the management of Promotions.

    2. Discount Codes

    Clist on the Discount Codes tab under the Setup section on the left side of the navigation menu to open the Discount Codes page, where the Discount Codes can be viewed and set here.

    2.1 How to create a new Dicount Code?

    On Edit Discount Code widget on the right side of the page, enter the code, and discount percentage. Optionally, set other additional limitations. Hover the mouse over the icons to view the discriptions of each item.

    2.2 How to edit an existing Discount Code?

    Click on the icon on the target discount code, the information about the code will be populated to the Edit Discount Code widget on the right side of the screen. Make changes then press Update