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Account Administration
The most importance item on this screen is the email address.  This is the address that will be sent automatic email notifications when ever a new web booking is made.

Main Web Appearance
This configures the header and footer HTML for the e-commerce system and the colors to be used.

Secure Web Appearance
The header and footer HTML differ here as it is for a secure environment so the HTML needs to be modified so as to not access any external unsecure content.

Policies Content
The HTML content for the policies section during the booking process.

Processed Message
The HTML message to be presented on the final screen of the booking process to the user.  Thanking them for booking and mentioning anything else that is important.

Auto Email Setup
The email that is automatically generate and sent to the web customer who just made the online booking.  The subject line will contain their reservation number.  The "Reply Address" field will be where the automatic email appears to be coming from and will be where any reply from the customer goes to.  The message body can be either straight text or HTML

Introduction - AccomPro Online Reservation System