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General Directions & Information:

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1. Your Arrival Date must be a MONDAY.

2. Your Departure Date must be a SATURDAY.

3. Your trip MUST consist of 5 nights.

4. The pricing on the following page is the total cost of the accommodation, based on double occupancy.

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Additional Notes & Information:

1. Multiple Rooms: You may reserve between 1-8 rooms at a time if the rooms are on the same boat and are the same type of accommodation (example: all Luxury Rooms). If you wish to reserve different types of accommodations on the same boat, you will have to make separate reservations.

2. Single Passengers: All prices in our reservation system are based on double-occupancy. If you are a single/solo traveler, there MAY be a surcharge (of up to 35%) on top of the per person price (half the cost of the accomodation) depending on the week you are traveling. Exceptions may be made in the case of groups with an odd number of people. Please contact us to inquire about a single passenger discount.

3. Short Trips: If your schedule does not allow you to complete the full trip, we are able to offer a shortened version of the trip. Please contact us to inquire about arranging a short trip.

4. Privatizations: If you wish to charter/privatize a boat, please contact us directly to receive the privatization prices and information.

5. Tour Operators: If you are a tour operator attempting to arrange travel on behalf of your clients, fill out our contact form and be sure to select "Yes" for the Tour Operator question.